Help Topics

1) Manage Your Server

Manage Your Server from Windows Desktop - Click Here to Download Directory Manager.For instruction how to setup the Desktop Connection , Click Here

2) Users and Groups

Create Users and Groups. Once you create the user account , the user's home directory and mailbox automatically created.

3) Shared Folders and Permission

Share Folders and Setting Access Control.


4) Internet Access Control

Restrict some websites for all users
Restrict websites based on client IP


5) DHCP Reservation/Full Internet Access

DHCP Reservation using MAC address / Full Internet Access

6) Email Client Settings

Configure your mail client (Outlook or any other software)

7)Shared Mailbox

Public (Shared) Mailbox
Login as user "Team" , create folders and mail for public readonly access.
Logon to each user and access the shared mailbox folders

8)Vacation/Out of Office

Click Here

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